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Unlocking Virtual Healthcare: How a Digital Front Door Transforms Patient Care

Introduction to the Digital Front Door in Healthcare

The Digital Front Door has been an emerging trend in the healthcare industry over the past few years, with several healthcare organisations introducing them into their digital systems, along with the recent news of NSW government allocating $171.4 million towards a single digital front door initiative.

A digital front door is a single-access digital platform, allowing patients to access their care journey virtually—anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

It provides a compelling overview of the patient experience, incorporating an omni-channel customer engagement strategy. The digital front door doesn’t only improve the patient experience, it also relieves healthcare professionals of administrative tasks and improves the clinical workflow.

The Struggles of Clinical Operations Without a Digital Front Door

In a clinical setting without a Digital Front Door, several challenges significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. Administrative burdens are heightened due to a constant stream of phone calls for appointment bookings, third-party communications for website management, and the manual handling of paper-based forms. Patient communication suffers from delays, reliance on voicemails, and frequent appointment cancellations, which disrupts the care process. Additionally, limited access to services outside typical working hours results in an influx of inbound bookings and phone calls during operational times, overwhelming staff and diminishing patient satisfaction.

These inefficiencies extend to financial aspects as well. Missed appointments and no-shows result in a revenue gap for the clinic, along with delayed payments and higher operational costs burdening the system. The cost of missed appointments and no-shows can cost a hospital up to $215 in some cases, by utilising behavioral insights and SMS reminders, healthcare providers can save costs and prevent missed appointments.

Improve your clinical workflow with a Digital Front Door

MasterCare’s digital front door is designed and developed with hospital and clinician pain points in mind. Our ultimate goal is to improve clinical workflows and lessen the administrative burdens that healthcare professionals currently face, allowing more time for patient care. Our modular solution allows you to engage with your patients, streamline admin tasks and enable virtual care delivery with features such as:

Online appointments and SMS reminders – Patients can schedule their own appointments, reducing call volume and freeing up staff time. Healthcare providers can send SMS reminders, preventing no-shows. Cancelled appointments can be booked by others, minimising your cancellation rates and reducing costs.

Telehealth – Enable virtual health care delivery by allowing your clients and patients to schedule their own telehealth appointments and join remotely.

Online smart forms – Create custom forms for the collection of patient information, PREMS (Patient Reported Experience Measures) and PROMS (Patient Reported Outcome Measures).

Secure messaging – Securely send and receive healthcare documents to your extended healthcare network electronically, compliant with industry standard protocols such as HL7 FHIR. Find out more here.

Online payments and cost savings – Accept payments up-front with an online payment gateway. Reduced need for administrative tasks and external services, lowering operational costs.

Branded website – Build your own client-facing website portal. Healthcare professionals can quickly and easily create and update their website giving them ultimate control over their branding.

Reduced Administrative workload – Automating routine tasks allows healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.

24/7/365 Access – Patients can access their care journey anytime, anywhere and on any device.

At MasterCare, we’re dedicated to refining our software solutions to streamline clinical workflows, increase productivity and profitability, all while aligning with industry standards and regulatory mandates. That’s why our Digital Front Door has been designed and developed with our customers in mind, improve your clinical workflow with MasterCare.

Learn about our Digital Front Door here or request a demo below.

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