An enterprise integration engine for connecting your healthcare system

Our enterprise integration engine helps you connect data from your existing 3rd party clinical, financial or operational systems so you can better integrate your systems and improve efficiency.

Improve decision making by connecting your 3rd party data

Easily integrate your 3rd party clinical and financial systems

Easily integrate your MasterCare solutions with additional 3rd party systems using secure API keys. Allowing you to access additional financial, clinical and operational data to your current system.

Promote greater clinical decision making at the point of care

Enable your team to make more informed clinical decisions with greater access to health data at the point of care. Removing the barriers of siloed information to unlock a connected health care experience.

Access the latest in Australian interoperability standards

Integrate your health data using the latest in Australian interoperability standards. Leveraging HL7, XML, HTTP and more to ensure maximum security, efficiency and compliance when managing your data.

All in one secure enterprise integration platform

FHIR compliant

Our FHIR APIs provide support for syncing your patient, encounter, episode of care, tasks, flags, service requests and care team data.

HL7 compliant

Our enterprise integration engine can support one and two-way HL7 ADT, MDM, MFN, ORU and SUI links from external systems.


Stay online when integrating your data with our multi-threaded architecture. Removing the need to log off for data integrations.


Our team of experts have been enabling a connected health journey for over 30 years. Working to ensure your integration period is seamless.


Our solution can be easily scalable to host connections to a number of different 3rd party applications.


Our solution can be tailored to meet any workflow requirements and connect with external applications in real time to trigger new workflows.

Why MasterCare?

Australian Owned

We are Australian owned and operated with deep domain knowledge, cost effective solutions and an understanding of our complex healthcare system.

Trusted Partners

We deliver high quality, innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers. Adapting our products to meet their complex reporting and operational requirements.

Long Term Provider

We are a trusted provider of Australian health technology. Allowing our clients to scale their services over the long term without needing to change providers.

Connect your healthcare eco-system with our trusted and secure integration engine

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