MasterCare Launches Mobile Application for Offline Clinical Care

Providing clinical care offline with our mobile application for MasterCare EMR

Mastercare is pleased to announce that the Company is launching the MasterCare Connect application from 1 st March 2022. This innovative new app will empower clinicians to access a lightweight version of the Company’s MasterCare EMR solution when they are out on the road or in a remote setting.

Following consultation with and feedback from our customers, MasterCare prioritised the development of this solution. This is another exciting development for MasterCare, as we continue to expand our technological capabilities to empower clinicians to provide patients with first class
care across Australia.

MasterCare Connect

The MasterCare Connect App is designed to improve access to critical patient information at the point of care and provides clinicians with the ability to work on-the-go both online and offline, as they can bypass the typical web-based clinical applications, and access the patient information remotely, whenever they like. This also minimises the data loss for clinicians when they are in remote care settings.

A key feature of the app is the ability to work offline. For instance, a nurse or care giver can continue to complete information within the app, and the app will store this crucial information until such time as an internet connection is available, with the information then updated back to the core MasterCare EMR system. This is a vital development, as patient care extends to all corners of remote Australia. The ability to work remotely is more crucial than ever, and the MasterCare Connect App will serve to improve clinician accessibility to patient information.

Authentication and Security

As with any application, privacy and user data security is a key point of consideration. MasterCare Connect utilises user authentication including an Access token with a 15-minute limit and a Refresh token with a 1 day expiry to ensure information is held securely. All data to and from the app is secured using TLS protocol, fully encrypting any data transferred from wifi. Any files no longer required will be cleared from data storage. If the app is inactive for 15 minutes, then the user is automatically logged out. This ensures patient information is secure and protected at the highest level.

Kye Cherian, Chief Product Officer of MasterCare commented:
“We spend a lot of our time listening to clients. This allows our team to really understand client pain points, challenges and how emerging trends impact on the everyday needs of those working on the front line of healthcare. I’m really excited to launch the MasterCare Connect app, as it has a tremendous ability and opportunity to help our clinicians in community health to deliver better patient care.”

About MasterCare

At MasterCare, we help Australian health providers better meet the needs of their communities.

Healthcare is a complex business, and compliance regulations and funding requirements have made it increasingly difficult for modern-day service providers to deliver excellent care. We listen and work with our customers to create tailored software solutions and SaaS, so our clients can simply focus on delivering services that result in better patient outcomes for their communities.

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