MasterCare Supports Waratah in Providing Services to Bunbury Community

MasterCare is pleased to announce its partnership with Waratah, supporting the company to deliver their specialised services across the Bunbury Community.

Waratah is a name you have likely never heard of or ever seen because it’s a service that requires absolute privacy and confidentiality but, the team at MasterCare wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light on the amazing work that Waratah provides in the South West region in Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River and Collie as well as Outreach Services.

Supporting Waratah with MasterCare’s solutions
Waratah has been working within the South West community for over 40 years. Their mission is to provide a holistic, safe and confidential service which supports and empowers people impacted by sexual assault, abuse and/or family and domestic violence.

The MasterCare team have been busy working with Waratah’s team on implementing a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution which will be securely cloud hosted as well as using Dashboard as a Service (DaaS) enabling them to gain real insights to optimise services delivered.

Michael Davies, CEO of MasterCare commented:
“We are delighted to support Waratah in delivering specialised services for the community of Bunbury. Our tailored solution will enable impacted adults and children to access all the services more easily whilst still offering complete privacy and confidentiality.”

Dr Rebecca Jury, CEO of Waratah commented:
“Waratah staff and the Board have been thoroughly impressed with the support and guidance we have received from the MasterCare team. We are delighted to be moving forward with implementation and are looking forward to the benefits this comprehensive EMR solution will bring for our clients and workers”

About Waratah

Waratah provides free specialised and therapeutic counselling and support services for adults and children who have experienced sexual assault or sexual abuse and/or family domestic violence. They have a team of 22 staff and offer individual counselling, child-focused therapies, group-based therapies and court support. Waratah also works alongside police and Department of Communities’ workers to provide a multi-agency response to incidents of family and domestic violence. Waratah provides community education and professional supervision for human services workers, health professionals and teaching staff. Waratah is a registered charity and relies on donations and grants to fund its activities. To find out more visit

About MasterCare

At MasterCare, we help Australian health providers better meet the needs of their communities.

Healthcare is a complex business, and compliance regulations and funding requirements have made it increasingly difficult for modern-day service providers to deliver excellent care. We listen and work with our customers to create tailored software solutions and SaaS, so our clients can simply focus on delivering services that result in better patient outcomes for their communities.

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