A personal health record for patient led health management

Lifecard is a personal health app for empowering your patients to manage their own health journey. Connecting patient health records, care plans and health measurements in one place.

Supporting you to deliver your better at home strategy

Promote patient led health management with personal records on their smartphone

Enable your patients to manage their own health journey with Lifecard. Allowing your patients to store their health records and record their own health measurements, allergies, medications, medical conditions, immunisations and more in the single application.

Send information and health management tips direct to your patients record

Send health information, referrals, care plans, clinical notes and more directly to your patients health record. Lifecard integrates with your MasterCare software to promote seamless patient information sharing.

Empower your patients to share medical data with caregivers and support networks

Let your patients manage their health records and share their information with family members and additional health providers. Allowing you to holistically manage the health of your patient.

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Why MasterCare?

Australian Owned

We are Australian owned and operated with deep domain knowledge, cost effective solutions and an understanding of our complex healthcare system.

Trusted Partners

We deliver high quality, innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers. Adapting our products to meet their complex reporting and operational requirements.

Long Term Provider

We are a trusted provider of Australian health technology. Allowing our clients to scale their services over the long term without needing to change providers.

Support their better at home strategy with Lifecard

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