Celebrating a successful La Trobe University student placement

We are really excited to have been able to collaborate with La Trobe University in offering healthcare technology placements to two Health Information Management students. Isabella Healey and Ruby Burke joined us on a five-week placement within our organisation working on different projects. Isabella and Ruby are in their final year of their Masters and Bachelor of Health Information Management degrees, respectively, at La Trobe University. They were on placement at Global Health for four days a week since the 5th of September.

Isabella’s project involved working alongside the customer support team to build out a WIKI for MDS extract ticket management with clients, focused on the Victorian Integrated Non-Admitted Health (VINAH). Ruby worked alongside the Account Management team on a mini project with one of our clients on expanding their use of the MasterCare platform.

This has been a great placement experience for Ruby and Isabella, who are shortly to become entry-level Health Information Managers, with their latest knowledge and insight from a leading University and our team of experienced professionals. We are delighted with the quality of the work they have delivered and were excited to attend their final presentation on these projects to La Trobe University.

We asked Ruby and Isabella about their time working at MasterCare and this is what we heard:

Ruby Burke, HIM student, La Trobe University

1. What project did you work on?

MasterCare EMR improvement project.

2. What did you enjoy doing on the project?

Being able to work first hand with someone who had years of industry knowledge at a community health organisation.

3. What did you learn / will you take with you moving forward?

It was interesting to see the other side of how a project was run from the IT perspective rather than the perspective of a hospital.

Isabella Healey, HIM Student, La Trobe University

1. What project did you work on?

To create an MDS training resource that would be used for internal staff training and as a reference to assist customer support through VINAH.

2. What did you enjoy doing on the project?

The culture of working in a health technology company (passion, willingness to help and learn about us).

3. What did you learn / will you take with you moving forward?

It gave me confidence knowing that the skills I have been learning at Latrobe are transferrable to the workplace. I have used more theories on this project, assisting customer support teams working with real HIMs, than I have on my placements in the hospital setting.

Fiona Miles, Customer Engagement Manager, MasterCare

“I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Abbey Nexhip, Associate Lecturer in Health Information Management and Deputy HIM Professional Practice Co-ordinator at La Trobe University, to offer Isabella and Ruby, two Health Information Management (HIM) students a placement at MasterCare working in Health technology.”

“Many HIM’s gain experience in hospitals during their placement; however, women in technology with Health Information Management expertise are under-represented. As a former HIM myself I appreciate the level of knowledge and expertise gained through their 4 years at La Trobe University, which they can bring to projects. This has been a really successful collaboration and beneficial for both Ruby and Isabella and our team here at Global Health”.

“I look forward to welcoming more students from La Trobe University at the next opportunity.”

Abbey Nexhip, Associate Lecturer – Health Information Management and Deputy HIM Professional Practice Co-ordinator, La Trobe University

“We were very excited to receive a placement proposal from Global Health and eager to hear the outcomes of the students who completed projects within this organisation.”

“Post placement conference presentations were completed in late October, where both students illustrated a robust understanding of Global Health and provided an interesting perspective on their placement experiences. It is always pleasing receiving placement opportunities from a diverse range of healthcare settings, and we look forward to future student placements at Global Health.”

“We have been delighted with the time, energy, and enthusiasm of the placement supervisors and students”.

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