Digital Front Door

Your digital front door for client engagement and virtual care delivery

Improve your healthcare delivery with your own digital front door. Helping you engage your patients, streamline your admin tasks and enable virtual care delivery.

Add the digital front door to your MasterCare solution

Improve patient engagement with your own branded portal

Improve your patient engagement by enabling your clients to book online appointments, fill out digital forms and access any Telehealth appointments from your own portal.

Reduce manual tasks with digital forms and optimise appointment bookings

Remove the manual effort involved in scheduling appointments and uploading patient information. With our portal, your clients and patients can book your services online and fill out digital admission forms that integrate directly into your MasterCare portal. Cancelled appointments can be booked by others reducing your cancellation rates and reducing costs.

Enable virtual health care delivery with support for telehealth consultations

Enable virtual health care delivery when you let your clients schedule their own telehealth appointments and join your sessions remotely. Host individual or group video calls, chat with clients, share files and more!

Features of our Digital Front Door

Why MasterCare?

Australian Owned

We are Australian owned and operated with deep domain knowledge, cost effective solutions and an understanding of our complex healthcare system.

Trusted Partners

We deliver high quality, innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers. Adapting our products to meet their complex reporting and operational requirements.

Long Term Provider

We are a trusted provider of Australian health technology. Allowing our clients to scale their services over the long term without needing to change providers.

Upgrade your patient experience with the digital front door

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