Secure Messaging Delivery (SMD)

A secure messaging system for sending and receiving health documents electronically

Enable automatic referral delivery to your clinical system with our secure messaging system. Allowing you to digitise your referral management processes and grow your referral network.

Trusted by leading Australian health providers

Remove paper, reduce risk, and grow your referral network

Reduce overhead costs by removing paper from your practice

Remove the costs associated with manually purchasing, scanning, faxing and filing your paper documents. Helping you scale your business the affordable way.

Improve efficiency by automatically transforming paper into digital documents

Improve staff efficiency by automatically transforming your inbound paper referrals, faxes and clinical notes into electronic documents. Removing the risk of data loss and manual errors associated with paper management.

Stay safe with our secure messaging protocols

Enjoy a secure messaging service that meets all Australian CDA, HL7 v2 and FHIR standards. Ensuring your referral data remains encrypted and confidential at every stage of the referral journey.

All in one Aussie secure messaging system

Electronic referrals

Securely send and receive electronic referrals, clinical notes, letters and more with your network of care providers.

Electronic faxes

Transform your inbound paper faxes into electronic faxes and send them alongside your electronic referrals using our GoFax integration.

Online directory

Grow your referral network by leveraging the power of FHIR R4 to securely connect with Argus and other clinical system users.


Our service is fully scalable to meet the demands of your organisation. Leveraging hosted endpoints to connect you with your growing network.

Low cost

Save on infrastructure and maintenance costs with hosted endpoints, operations assistance and patch management run by our team.

Secure and compliant

Stay safe with our secure messaging delivery service. One of few systems that meet Australian CDA, HL7 v2 and FHIR interoperability standards.

Why MasterCare?

Australian Owned

We are Australian owned and operated with deep domain knowledge, cost effective solutions and an understanding of our complex healthcare system.

Trusted Partners

We deliver high quality, innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers. Adapting our products to meet their complex reporting and operational requirements.

Long Term Provider

We are a trusted provider of Australian health technology. Allowing our clients to scale their services over the long term without needing to change providers.

Remove paper, reduce risk and grow efficiency with MasterCare

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