Referral Management

A referral management system for processing inbound referrals at scale

Our referral management system provides a web-based solution for processing inbound referrals in one easy workflow.

Streamline the referral journey from inbound to communicated

Reduce referral leakage with a single point for managing inbound forms, referrals and faxes

Reduce the number of leaked referrals and improve staff response times with a single point of entry for all your inbound communications. Enabling your staff to monitor the status of all new and existing referrals from one place.

Improve efficiency and lower your overhead costs by going paperless

Improve efficiency and low your overhead costs when you start receiving your referrals, clinical notes, forms and faxes electronically. Allowing your staff to attach documents directly to the patient record and not have to worry about reading illegible handwriting.

Keep your information safe with secure messaging delivery

Keep your referral information secure when receiving and forwarding all inbound referrals. Letting your staff securely access care provider lookups and send encrypted information with our secure messaging delivery service.

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Why MasterCare?

Australian Owned

We are Australian owned and operated with deep domain knowledge, cost effective solutions and an understanding of our complex healthcare system.

Trusted Partners

We deliver high quality, innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers. Adapting our products to meet their complex reporting and operational requirements.

Long Term Provider

We are a trusted provider of Australian health technology. Allowing our clients to scale their services over the long term without needing to change providers.

Streamline the referral journey from inbound to outbound with our referral management system

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