Streamlining Operations with MasterCare+ Inpatient EMR SaaS at Matilda Nepean

Matilda Nepean is a 90-bed sub-acute private hospital located in a world-class medical hub at Kingswood in Western Sydney. As the sister facility to Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the health care facility brings a new generation of healthcare to Western Sydney and provides specialist inpatient care and day programs that foster health and wellbeing in a boutique hotel style setting.

This case study explores how the implementation of MasterCare+ Inpatient EMR SaaS (Software as a service) addressed these challenges and transformed workflow efficiency at the hospital.

The Global Health Team were remarkable. They worked with the entire clinical team for 4 days and created our “wish list” which they then configured for us. They then worked with us every step of the way to deliver the outcome we need.

Lyndal Carruthers, Project Manager, Matilda Nepean and Arcadia Pittwater.

The Challenge of Outdated Systems at Matilda Nepean

As a new facility, Matilda Nepean leadership team wanted to launch the hospital with current, leading technology rather than outdated systems.

The team at Arcadia Pittwater Hospital were frustrated by the constant challenge to locate each patient’s paper records being updated by one single user at a time, the duplication of capturing the same clinical information across multiple disciplines and the difficulty in reading clinicians handwriting. With the increasing volume of patient records, the allocated space for storage became insufficient. Streamlining workflow to enhance efficiency emerged as a critical concern for Matilda Nepean.

In recent times, significant increases in the cost of printing and managing paper charts and forms, purchasing in bulk to achieve savings meant that outdated charts had to be used before revised versions could be ordered.

Matilda Nepean and Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospitals needed a solution that is responsive, intuitive and provides the entire clinical team with access anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Identifying the Solution

To address these challenges, Matilda Nepean evaluated various solutions and chose MasterCare+ EMR SaaS, which delivers an integrated Patient Administration System (PAS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR). MasterCare+ EMR SaaS was selected for its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, promising to support the entire hospital team effectively, no matter how they access and use information.

The option of a digitised, scanned medical record was not considered as viable. This would mean a continued reliance on paper, then the added cost of scanning, matching the scanned document with the record, while the problem of records split between the circulating paper chart and digitised record would cause additional frustration for the clinical team.

The decision to work with MasterCare and Global Health was because of the functionality rich solution suite, and the existing positive relationship with Global Health.

Implementing MasterCare+ EMR SaaS

Extensive consultations with stakeholders from all disciplines, including the entire clinical team within the hospital ensured that MasterCare+ EMR SaaS was tailored to meet the specific needs of Matilda Nepean. The solution’s intuitive design minimised the need for extensive training, while Patient Journey Boards provided visual representations of patient locations and status. Digital transmission of pathology results streamlined processes, reducing errors and saving time.

The Outcome

Responding to the challenge, MasterCare+ EMR SaaS delivers a responsive, intuitive and flexible solution resulting in significant improvements across various aspects of hospital operations:

  • The implemented solution is easy to use, the visually appealing, intuitive design means that new team members need little training.
    Patient Journey Boards are bright, easy to understand and easy to navigate visual representations of each patient location and status. Alerts to allergies and other critical factors are easily identified.
  • Discharge planning can start at the time of admission with a planned discharge date, with the Patient Journey Board tracking tasks and providing visual cues,
  • Pathology results are transmitted digitally and attached to the correct patient record,. This saves time and reduces the possibility of errors matching paper records.
  • No longer are myriad stock forms held or printed and the need to attach patient labels to every sheet of paper is eliminated. The easy to configure forms were initially setup up to reflect every possible iteration, this has since been streamlined to reflect new workflows. The team is easily able to configure and change electronic forms as needed. This was evidenced in Matilda Nepean’s recent accreditation. The team was able to respond and instantly implement recommendations from the accreditor.
  • Nurses and Allied Health staff are able to capture information at the point of care, while they are engaging with patients.
  • Doctors are able to access patient information no matter where they are, with access to all the information they need, when they need it.
  • Billing and revenue cycle management is always an important aspect of private hospital operations and cash flow, because patient information is accessible and easily read, streamlined coding and billing ensures that invoices to health funds are issued within 2 – 3 days of patient discharge.


The implementation of MasterCare+ EMR SaaS at Matilda Nepean has been met with enthusiasm from the entire hospital team. Its simplicity, ease of use, and seamless integration have transformed their workflow, not only streamlining operations but also enhancing patient care delivery. 

By prioritising user experience and workflow integration, hospitals can achieve significant improvements in efficiency, quality of care, and financial performance. The success of MasterCare+ EMR SaaS at Matilda Nepean supports this, and we are now also live at Arcadia Pittwater Hospital with MasterCare+ EMR SaaS. 

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